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From The President’s Pen

Now that all the Games are completed we can relax a little, but we must look at our activities for the fall and winter.

The Provincial 55+ Games in Humboldt went very well except for a couple of venues. The drive to Humboldt each day added to our tiredness/fatigue.

The Canada 55+ Games in Strathcona County were first class compared to the last few Games. The Alberta Government kicks in a large sum of money plus there are large corporate sponsors to lean on. Very impressive with first class facilities and even double decker buses transporting us from venue to venue.

Your Coordinators did an excellent job to set-up the playoff facilities so our membership can be part of the larger picture. I would like to thank all the Coordinators for their effort and support to ensure all of us had successful playoffs. The 55+ Games allow for competition at a level for members to have fun, meet new people (socialize) and even take home that elusive medal.

Your Committee approved and scheduled the Annual General Meeting for October 17th. Please plan to attend and support your organization.

The Annual Social Committee has made changes to the past function. Hopefully, this will allow more people to share an afternoon and evening.

Spotlight on Seniors will be held on September 30th. Please plan to attend to share all the information and help support participating venues. In previous years there was Bailey’s to sample and last year we sampled wine. I love Spotlight on Seniors!!!


Provincial 55+ Games

Very successful Games in Humboldt on July 8/10 with many Saskatoon participants coming home with a medal or two. The list of winners is too long to publish. We will acknowledge all participants and medal winners at the Annual Afternoon and Evening Social on September 21st . Saskatoon Sport District registered 137 plus 18 guests. A couple of venues had problems….. but the Games went on.

Either North Battleford or Prince Albert will host the 2016 Games. They are presently working on their proposal.


Canada 55+ Games

Strathcona County did a magnificent job of hosting the Games. With plenty of government money and large corporate sponsors, a first class presentation awaited the slightly over 2000 registrants and 400 guests. Alberta registered slightly more than 600, while Saskatchewan had 290 with 63 from Saskatoon; other provinces were much lower. There were 24 venues. The closing banquet served 2250 people with Black Angus steaks from the Sawmill Restaurants.

Most of our Saskatoon members came home with medals.

Brampton, Ontario will host the 2016 Canada 55+ Games.


Annual General Meeting

The scheduled date is Friday, October 17, 2014 at Preston Park Retirement Residence II, 118 Armistice Way. It is just off Preston Avenue north of Market Mall. Please park at Market Mall at the NW end and walk to Preston Park.

We will be in the Dining Room on the left after you enter the residence. Preston Park is donating the meeting room.

Registration will start at 1:00 pm and the meeting at 1:30 pm. We will be electing a couple of new Committee members. Memberships will be sold at the registration table.


Spotlight On Seniors

Please book Tuesday, September 30th to attend at TCU Place from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. You may purchase a noon lunch and enjoy the entertainment. SSFA have a table set-up. The cost is $7.00 and you may purchase tickets at the SCOA office or Medicine Shop at 2 for $10.000 or 1 for $7.00.

Approximately 1000 – 1200 people attend each year.



We will organize Steak Night Fundraisers during the winter and spring. With the larger number of members going to the Games, our Fundraiser Account will be depleted. Each fundraiser raised approximately $1000 - $1200 last year.


Walking Program

We encourage all our members, their families and friends to walk every day as often as possible. Track & Field have arranged walking/running at the Saskatoon Field House on Mondays from 2:30 – 3:30 pm outdoors and indoors starting October. Simply show your membership card when entering the Field House. These walks will count towards the Saskatoon Seniors’ Globe Walk if you are part of Team SSFA.


Annual Social Afternoon And Evening

Sunday, September 21st at the ANAVETS Club, 359 – 1st Avenue N. There will a late afternoon of fun starting at 3:00 pm with shuffleboards, cards, pool and darts some of the activities available; there’s a silent auction plus meat draws, 50/50 draw and door prizes that will start in the afternoon. A delicious banquet at 6:00 pm and dance at 8:00 pm with music by the Billy Bob Band.

We encourage everyone to plan to attend the afternoon activities

The Mayor has been invited.

The Committee invites all participants of the 55+ Games to attend and be acknowledged for your participation and in many cases winning a medal. Please contact your Coordinator or Committee member for tickets that will remain at $20.00.



We will be updating our website and you may go on and check the 55+ Games


Change Of Address

If you have a change of address or any change in status, please advise Laurie Dunlop at or Sheldon by phone at 306-242-9452.


Saskatoon Sport District Committee – 2013-2014

President: Sheldon Kraus 306-242-9452
Vice-President: Les Haugen 306-230-6683
Secretary: Mary Ore 306-955-0557
Assisting Secretary: Leslie Sichello 306-477-2839
Treasurer: Ron Spizziri 306-244-9478
Director of Programs: Jean Healey 306-934-3567
Director of Finance: Walter McNabb 306-244-4143
Director of Member Relations: Laurie Dunlop 306-242-6786
Marketing Representative: Dawna Neilson 306-242-6848
Director of Courtesy & Recognition: Yvonne Pryor   306-374-4542
Directors at Large    
Norman Cote 306-934-0579
June Lamers   306-382-1730
Pat Harbidge   306-343-7231



Activity Coordinators 2013-2014

Bridge: Contract-Social: Ruth Jones 306-242-2294
Bowling: Five Pin: Sheldon Kraus 306-242-9452
  Yvonne Pryor   306-374-4542
  June Lamers   306-382-1730
Cribbage: Neil Friesen   306-382-6891
Golf: Dawna Neilson 306-242-6848
  Bryan Zeman 306-931-8534
Pickleball: Laurie Dunlop 306-242-6786
Scrabble: Shirley Woodward 306-373-1674
Poetry/Short Story: Don Reimer 306-374-2881
Shuffleboard Bank: Tom Atkin 306-384-3355
Slo-Pitch: Doris Croteau 306-374-8749
  Myrna Kydd 306-283-4298
Snooker/8 Ball: Dorothy Jendruck 306-382-5183
Swimming: Rita Verma   306-242-5180
Tennis: Don Featherstone 306-242-1239
Track & Field: Garry Gentle 306-374-6093
Volleyball: John Wall 306-931-4651

Activity Coordinators are needed for: Badminton, Biking, Duplicate Bridge, Carpet Bowling, Short Mat Bowling, Lawn Bowling, Curling Floor/Ice, Darts, Horseshoe, Floor Shuffleboard, Kaiser, Whist, Bocce Ball, Forty-Fives, Bean Bag Toss, Washer Toss, Tarabish, Walking/Pole Walking/Fitness Walking.

Check out the following pictures taken at the Canada 55+ Games. Enjoy!

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 001

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 002

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 003

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 004

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 005

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 006

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 007

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 008

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 009

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 010

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 011

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 012

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 013

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 014

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 015

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 016

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 017

SSFA Saskatoon Sport District 018

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