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The National It is hard to believe that Christmas and New Years have come and gone, and we are deep into January. This is always a signal that our seniors are very much involved in their winter activities, and that means that we are setting dates for the various events held in our district.

Annual General Meeting of Parkland Valley District, SSFA: The AGM will be held on Thursday, April 11  at at Melrose Place, Yorkton. Lunch at 12:00 noon, with meeting to follow. All are encouraged to attend.

Please note that pickleball is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am until noon at the Gloria Hayden Centre in Yorkton for a fee of $4 per person per session. There is a possibility of further pickle ball clinics being held. Please call David Weiman, 306-548-2266, if there is local interest.

Treasurer needed: Maxine Stinka, after several years of dedication to the job of treasurer, has decided to step down from the position. If you are interested in taking on this position, please contact one of the executive members.

Photos wanted: We are looking for district playdown photos for the update to the SSFA website, so please forward any that you may have, with a written description of the photos by return email.

Foam Lake and Esterhazy have become more involved in the Parkland Valley District in several events in recent years, and we welcome participation from members from those areas.

Remember that events in the district can only be held with participation from its members. Come out and get involved and bring a friend or two. A membership for the year 2019 is $7.00 and entitles you to participate in as many events as you like.

Below are the events that our Parkland District has organized with the help of its members. Many dates have not been determined. Please pass the word along to friends about these events.

Bank Shuffleboard: Date TBA, 10:00 a.m. Club 60, Preeceville
Contact: Marge Bodnar at 306-547-5549
2nd venue for Shuffleboard: Date TBA, 10:00 a.m. Melville Senior Centre, Melville
Contact: John Murray at 306-728-3832

Whist: Date TBA, 10:00 a.m. Preeceville Club 60, Preeceville
Contact: Marge Bodnar at 306-547-5549
2nd venue for Whist: Monday, March 4, 10:00 a.m. Yorkton Crossing Retirement Community, Yorkton
Contact: Dianne Stinka at 306-782-0696. Please pre-register.

Cribbage:  March 9th, 10:00 a.m. Sturgis READ Club, Sturgis
Contact: Betty Lou Skogen at 306-548-5516 or David Weiman at 306-548-2266
2nd venue for Cribbage: March 16th, 10:00 a.m. Yorkton Crossing Retirement Community, 348 Morrison Drive, Yorkton
Contact: Dianne Stinka at 306-782-0696. Please pre-register.

Pickleball:  Date TBA, 10:00 a.m.  Gloria Hayden Centre, Yorkton
Contact: David Weiman at 306-548-2266

Kaiser:  Monday, May 6, 10:00 a.m. Buchanan Club 50 Plus, Buchanan
Contact: Bob Edwards at 306-592-4624

Curling: Please contact Maxine Stinka at

Five Pin Bowling:  Date TBA, 1:00 p.m. Esterhazy Bowl Arena, Esterhazy
Contact: Esterhazy Bowl Arena at 306-745-2847

Poetry and Short Story:  Deadline for entries May 15. Suggestions for theme welcome.
Contact: Anita Bella at 306-728-5163

Track and Field: Date TBA, 10:00 a.m. Davidson School, Melville
Contact: Anita Bella at 306-728-5163

Golf: Place and date TBA
Contact: Arnold Makowsky at 306-563-4115

Please feel free to contact any member of the executive of Parkland Valley District SSFA with suggestions for new events or venues, or with thoughts on how events could be improved.

Parkland Valley District SSFA Executive
David Weiman, President
Dianne Stinka, Secretary



Mixed Slopitch bronze medal winners at 2018 Provincials


Foam Lake

Pickleball in Foam Lake



Bob Edwards in fine form


Track and Field 2018 districts in Melville



Welcome to new members who joined the Parkland Valley District as well as the members who renewed their membership in 2017. Remember 2018 is the year of both provincial and national 55+ games. The Parkland Valley district encourages all seniors to consider participating in one or more of the many events offered by the SSFA. The entire list of events is under the SSFA website and you will notice the Parkland Valley District is involved with most.  If you and others would like to have your area get involved in an event not listed in our district do contact an executive member and we will work with you on reviewing the options.

We would like to stress that our district members should feel free to get involved at whatever level they would like. Not all members want to go onto provincials or nationals but this does not stop you from getting involved at the district level where all Saskatchewan residents 50 years old and older are welcome to participate.

To become a member call Maxine at 306-563-5567 or email The membership fee is only $7.00 per year and gets you on our contact list so you can keep up with all events and the associated opportunities with them. 

We are always looking for new executive members and others who are willing to assist with the organization of district games as well as with other activities at both the district and provincial levels. Please contact one of the present executive members if you would like to become more involved.

Presently our Executive Members are as follows:

President: Dave Weiman 306-548-2266
Vice President: Eleanor Murray 306-563-4160  elmurray@xplornet
Past President: Don Rathgeber 306-728-4350
Secretary: Dianne Stinka 306-782-0696
Treasurer: Maxine Stinka 306-563-5567
Mal: Bob Edwards 306-592-4624
Advisor: Anita Bella 306-728-5163  



District Competitions

2017 Winners


Gold Mary Sill (Preecevill/Sturgis) Betty Lou Skogen 
Silver Merv Secundiak (Crystal Lake) Larry Pankevich
Bronze (TIED) Eileen Bucsis (Yorkton) Marianne Washburn
Bronze (TIED) Viola Hearn (Preeceville) Katherine Fraser



Gold Loreen Biccum (Preeceville) Roy Fairburn
Silver Margaret Knight (Invermay) Yvonne Marten
Bronze Eugenia Kennedy (Preeceville) Doreen Sivertson



Gold Viola Hearn (Preeceville) Katherine Fraser
Silver Dolly Crozier (Preeceville) Alvin Crozier
Bronze Elsie Luciw (Preeceville) Avalon Hough



55+ Women Gold Heather Murray (Melville)
  Silver Shirley Willets (Melville)
70+ Women Gold Sandra Rudoski (Melville)
  Silver Betty Dickie (Melville)
  Bronze Irene Shaw (Melville)
70+ Mens Gold Ron Rudoski (Melville)
  Silver Alf Timmerman (Melville)
  Bronze John Murray (Melville)



55+  Gold Suzanne Hack, Jerry Grominsky, Toni Grominsky, Rosemary Mandzuk, Dick Mandzuk (Yorkton)
  Silver Norman Gawryliuk, Adella Hansen, Jean Dierker, Marieann Kreutzer, Gordon Saeafincian (Yorkton)
  Bronze Geraldine Fraser, Wanda Radbourne, Joan Harris, Sherry Lucas, Maureen Wenzoski (Esterhazy)
65+ Gold Ernie Bahsler, Stella McNeill, Lillian Kurtz, Eleanor Leftwich, Wreatha Curtis (Esterhazy)
  Silver Doris Johnson, Ray Johnson, Georgina Johnson, Edie Wilcox, Margaret Knight (Kelvington/Invermay)



Gold Shirley Kosar (Buchanan) Wendy Norrish
Silver Monica Hudson (Yorkton) Phyllis Pasichnyk
Bronze Ed Brezinski (Buchanan) Nick Woloschuk



55+ Story Gold Ilean Kolynchuk (Melville)
  Silver Anita Bella (Melville)



55+ Predicted Time 400m Gold Ilean Kolynchuk (Melville) 
    Silver Anita Bella (Melville) 
    Bronze Muriel Orr (Churchbridge) 
  1000m Gold Anita Bella (Melville) 
    Silver Ilean Kolynchuk (Melville)  
    Bronze Muriel Orr (Churchbridge) 
Timed Events: 80+ 100m Gold Gloria Ritter (26.9") (Melville)
  200m Gold Gloria Ritter (1'.029")
  400m Gold Gloria Ritter (2'.56")
55+ 100m Gold Dale Lawrence (14.3") (Melfort)
60+ 100m Gold David Weiman (15.4") (Danbury)
80+ 100m Gold Ken Orr (24.9") (Chruchbridge)
  200m Gold Ken Orr (1'.029")
60+ Discus Gold David Weiman (26.74m)
75+ Discus Gold Bob Edwards (21.75m) (Buchanan)
80+ Discus Gold Ken Orr (7.10m)
55+ Long Jump Gold Dale Lawrence (4.40m)
60+ Long Jump Gold David Weiman (3.87m)
55+ Triple Jump Gold Dale Lawrence (8.87m)
60+ Triple Jump Gold David Weiman (7.72m)
75+ Shot Put Gold Bob Edwards (7.41m)
80+ Shot Put Gold Ken Orr (7.10m)
55+ Javelin Gold Dale Lawrence (32.61m)
75+ Javelin Gold Bob Edwards (18.10m)



65+ Men Gold Glen Leson - 84 (Canora)
  Silver Chris Senkow - 86 (Canora Beach)
  Bronze Larry Lesyk - 89 (Canora)
65+ Women Gold Darlene Senkow - 110 (Canora Beach)
  Silver Maxine Stinka - 111


For pictures of the activities and teams that competed click here.

















Cribbage players



Cribbage gold medalists



Cribbage silver medalists



Cribbage bronze medalists



Cribbage medal winners



Kaiser players



Kaiser players



Kaiser players



Kaiser bronze medalists



Kaiser silver medalists



Kaiser gold medalists



Shuffleboard game



Shuffleboard player



Shuffleboard participants



Shuffleboard 55+ medalists



Shuffleboard 70+ medalists


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