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The Melville SSFA host committee for a number of provincial games over the years accumulated some resources that they donated to the local community. 

Activities 2014

The Schedule of Events outlines the activities that will take place during the months of March, April and May.  Please mark your calendar so you don’t miss anything.  We ask that you promote these activities in your community. Tell your friends and family!

Cribbage St. Gerard’s Hall Yorkton April 30/14 10:00AM Angie VanParys, 306-783-7838
Five Pin Bowling Esterhazy Bowl Arena May 7/14 10:00AM Jennifer Mutric, 306-745-2847
Kaiser Buchanan Seniors’ Centre TBD 10:00AM Bob Edwards 306-592-4624
Shuffleboard Melville Senior Citizens’ Hall March 26/14 10:00AM John Murray, 306-728-3832
Whist Canora Senior Centre May 8/14 10:00AM Edith Kotzer, 306-563-6806
Track & Field Melville May 27/14 10:00AM Anita Bella, 306-728-5163
Poetry & Short Story Writing   May 25/14   Anita Bella, 306-728-5163

We still require venues for pickleball, golf, and any other activities that have sufficient interest to warrant a district playdown. Slo-pitch and curling teams advance directly to the provincial SSFA 55+ Games in Humboldt. Curling (both team and 2-person stick curling) will be in Humboldt, March 19-21, 2014, with the entry deadline being March 10. Slo-pitch will be in Humboldt July 8-10, 2014.

You can contact Eleanor Murray (306-563-4160) for more information and to purchase your SSFA membership. A poster will be available at your local curling rink. If you don’t see it, contact the Curling Club Manager.

Accommodations for July 8-10 for Humboldt and area.

 If interested in any event at the provincial level that is not listed as a district event, please contact Maxine Stinka 306-563-5567 or email

 For more information regarding the SSFA 55+ Games check the home page of this website.


Welcome to new members who joined the Parkland Valley District as well as the members who renewed their membership in 2013.  A reminder that the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association membership (with voting privileges) is open to all Saskatchewan residents 50 years of age and older.  Associate membership (with no voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting) is available to Saskatchewan residents 49 years of age and younger.  It is important to register even if you are not planning to take part in the Games as that way we can keep in touch with you and you will receive word of any workshops or clinics which we plan.  To obtain a membership contact Maxine Stinka at 306-563-5567.  Current members, please let us know of any change of address, phone number and e-mail address.

The membership fee in SSFA is $5.00 plus the administration fee of $2.00 for a total of $7.00. 


2014 Canada 55+ Games

The 2014 Canada 55+ Games will be held in Sherwood Park (Strathcona County), Alberta on August 27 to 30.  Registration will commence on August 26th.   Strathcona County has a population of 93,188 people and is nestled east of Edmonton.  The Strathcona County has some exceptional venues and in close proximity to each other.  For 2014 only, the additional costs for ice curling, hockey and slo-pitch have been dropped.  As well, the green fees and carts costs for golf are dropped. 

The registration fees are:

Participant - $131.25
Non-Participant - $89.25

The Host Committee is allocating the hotel rooms and the rates start at $119.00 plus taxes.

There is a list of RV Parks available on the 2014 Games website.  These are based on first-come, first-serve and participants can call the RV parks directly.  There will also RVs at some of the sporting venues for participants competing at the facility including: Millennium Place, Centennial Park and Androssan.  They will be first come, first-serve and priority will be given to people competing at the sports within the facility. i.e. Centennial Park is for slo-pitch players.  Information will be available on the above website. 

There are two nights of free entertainment as well as two nights that you have to pay a reasonable price for your entertainment, if you are interested.

Check the websites to see what will be happening –  You may also access the Canada 55+ Games Association website -


Pickleball started in about 1965 in Seattle and spread across the USA. Now it is sweeping across Canada, led by snowbirds when they return home.

It appeals to all ages, so youth can compete vigorously and grandparents can play with grandkids. It is played on a court similar to a badminton court with the net height similar to tennis. The paddle is similar to the size and shape used for table tennis and the ball is a large plastic one with holes. The game is played to 11 points.  Pickleball Canada was founded in 2006 and now has Board members from almost every province. We encourage you to visit the website to learn how the game is played.  Pickleball has been an event in the SSFA 55+ Games since 2011.  Pickleball is played in Canora every Sunday at the Composite School at 1:00 p.m. All equipment except runners is provided so come out and get some exercise. 


The Intergenerational walk will take place in Melville in early October.


Five-pin Bowling Medalists:  L to R 55+ Cam Louttit, Toni Gromnisky, 65+ Loretta Lusney, Mildred Thiele



Five-pin Bowling: 75+ Medalists

Front row left to right: Bernice Kotzer, Adella Hansen , Anne Yuzik

Back row left to right: Fritz Borys, Ed Lischynski , Rae Thompson



Five-pin Bowling: 85+ Medalists - Ed Aichele, Ferd Thiele



Golf: Men's Silver Don Rathgeber, Women's Bronze Eleanor Murray



Golfers: Joanne & Joe Kirwan, Eleanor Murray, Don Rathgeber



Golfing: Joanne trying to distract her husband who is chirping



Cribbage Medalists : L to R  –  Metro & Martha Mosiondz,  Irene Shaw & Marg Shanks,  Victoria Stebner & Dorothy Riffel



Cribbage players enjoying the lunch break



Slo-Pitch Gold Medalists - Preeceville



Slo-Pitch Silver Medalists - Melville


For pictures of the activities and teams that competed go to the link labeled “PHOTOS” on this web page.

Presently our Executive Members are as follows:

President: Vern Schick 306-563-5263
First Vice President: Eleanor Murray   306-563-4160 
Second Vice President: Eileen Hupka 306-563-6273
Treasurer: Maxine Stinka 306-563-5567 
Secretary: Bob Edwards 306-592-4624

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